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Dysport Injections in NYC

Dysport is available in the New York City area at each of Dr. Pfeifer’s offices, in Manhattan, Great Neck, and the Hamptons.

Dysport is an injectable wrinkle treatment composed of Botulinum toxin type A, with cosmetic applications very similar to Botox Cosmetic. Although FDA approval for Dysport came in 2009, this treatment has been available in other countries for several years.

When we frown or smile, the tissue between our eyebrows gathers into a fold. In some of us, this causes chronic furrows and produces a frustrated, discouraged, angry facial appearance.

A tiny dose of Dysport injected into the small facial muscles causes a temporary paralysis, allowing the muscles to relax and wrinkles to flatten out. Because the dose is so small and the injection so precise, only a small area is affected.

If you’re bothered by lines, wrinkles or furrows around your forehead and eyes, Dysport may be a good treatment for you. Treatment with Dysport is surprisingly comfortable and takes 20 minutes or less at our Manhattan or Long Island plastic surgery office.

Within 1 week, you should notice the improvements. They will last approximately 6 months and when you start to see them fading, feel free to come back for another quick treatment.

Possible side effects include numbness, bruising, swelling, a slight burning sensation, muscle weakness or a drooping eyelid.