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Thigh Lift Surgery in New York

Surgical procedures like the thigh lift, thigh reduction, or lower body lift are intended to remove and lift excess skin and tissue that is present after significant weight loss. Excess skin is a problem for people who lose an extraordinary amount of weight, and not just for cosmetic reasons; it can also lead to irritation and even infection around the lower body.

Those who have experienced massive weight loss are often good candidates for this surgery. Prospective thigh lift surgery patients should be at a stable weight and exhibit excess skin on the outer and/or inner thigh. The amount of fat present in the thigh region should be limited.

Thigh lift surgery is usually done under general anesthesia. Surgery incisions are placed in natural creases or folds when possible, so the scars that remain are inconspicuous.

One of the most common techniques, the medial thigh lift (or inner thigh lift), tightens and removes excess skin from the inner thigh. Other common techniques such as the vertical lift or crescent lift can be utilized as well. Dr. Pfeifer evaluates each patient individually to determine the proper technique.

Liposuction is typically performed during a thigh lift or thigh reduction. Other procedures may be necessary to remedy the negative side effects of massive weight loss. A buttock lift, lower body lift, or tummy tuck may be necessary. However, it is unlikely that all of these procedures would be done in the same setting.

Recovery time varies, but patients should expect about 2 weeks downtime. It may take even longer to fully recover and appreciate the results. Patients are advised to begin light activity shortly after surgery, during which time a pain medication can be used to manage discomfort. A special elastic compression garment is provided to ensure a smooth result and reduce swelling.

If you have lost a significant amount of weight and now exhibit loose skin on your lower body, you may want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pfeifer to discuss your options. To learn more about this procedure, contact one of the New York plastic surgery offices of Tracy Pfeifer MD.