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Fine Lines Treatment in New York

When you look in the mirror, are you dismayed with the fine lines that appear around your eyes, mouth, and on your neck? Thankfully, modern cosmetic surgery techniques, as well as several non-surgical techniques, are exceptionally effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines. Maintaining a youthful appearance for your facial skin should start early – with a proper skin care routine. Staving off the effects of time is possible with the advanced skin care products or treatments we offer at our two clinics.

What Causes Those Fine Lines to Appear?

Before the facial skin wrinkles, fine lines will appear, most often starting in the mid-thirties, or even earlier. As the skin ages, two important elements begin to break down: elastin and collagen. Elastin is a protein found in the connective tissues. This protein gives your skin elastic qualities. As time passes, and the skin is exposed to the rays of the sun, the elastin cells do not regenerate as quickly and the elasticity of the skin begins to diminish.

Collagen is another vital protein in the body that functions to provide strength and structure to the skin and other body systems. With aging, and the added impact of sun exposure, many people will see the first signs of collagen or elastin breakdown when fine lines begin to appear on the face, including crow’s feet, fine lines on the cheeks, the mouth, or other facial areas.

Your age, heredity, and exposure all impact the age at which fine lines will appear on your face. Some of the treatments that are extraordinarily effective in resolving fine lines are available at our clinic, including:

Skin Care Products

The quality of your skin can be improved and maintained with an advanced skin care regimen. Every client has a unique skin type and condition, and the appropriate skin care treatment will vary. We carry anti-aging skin products that we know and use ourselves, as we know they are effective. These include a line of skin care products, ZOSkinHealth and Revision Skincare, available only from a licensed physician, and Sunforgettables by Colorescience, as well as MDSolarScience. These products will nourish and protect your skin, working to reduce the appearance of fine lines and giving your face a glowing, fresh appearance, while protecting against further damage.

Chemical Peels

Several chemical peel options are available, and we are careful to evaluate your skin type and administer the best products for you. Facial skin exfoliation is a powerful way to stave off aging and reduce the look of fine lines. Chemical peels will exfoliate (remove) more of the top layer of skin, revealing the new, fresh skin underneath. Our chemical peel products have different formulas, and include ingredients such as retinol, kojic acid, lactic acid, alpha hydroxyl, Jessner’s, and salicylic acid, or your treatment may be a tri-chloroacetic acid (TCA) peel. What treatment is best for you? Make an appointment for an individual consultation. Our focus is on providing a pleasant, comfortable experience, while helping you reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Custom Treatments for Fine Lines

The first step in handling fine lines is to have the condition of your skin evaluated in person. All of our facial treatments for fine lines are custom-created for the individual patient. You may be a candidate for Prevelle Silk, a very effective wrinkle filler. Others may get results from the variety of effective treatments we offer to our patients. We seek out the best treatment for your particular facial skin.