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Plastic Surgery NYC
Plastic Surgery NYC
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Breast Augmentation NYC

Dr. Tracy Pfeifer

New York Plastic Surgeon

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS is a fellowship trained, double board certified New York plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Pfeifer’s philosophy is a commitment to excellence and providing each patient with a warm and personalized focus on their aesthetic goals. Dr. Pfeifer helps patients make informed choices that are in their best interest. The ultimate outcome is a happy patient with an excellent aesthetic result.

“While beauty is individual and can be hard to define, certain proportions across all cultures are universally considered beautiful. These proportions also look natural. There is no doubt in my mind that feeling our most beautiful creates positive energy and a sense of well-being that enhances our lives. I wish you all the best on your journey to be the best version of you. ‘Be your own kind of beautiful.’”

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Special Emphasis on Breast Surgery

Dr. Pfeifer specializes in and is one of the top providers of breast enhancement and breast augmentation NYC has to offer. There are three main types of breast surgeries – breast augmentation or breast enlargement, breast lift and reduction. Each surgery type requires a special knowledge of the female body and also the latest surgical techniques to achieve the best results. Dr. Pfeifer is one of the most highly-trained providers ofPlastic Surgery NYC has to offer; with a focus on breast augmentation, extensive experience, and bring this skill to each breast augmentation surgery she performs. Her vast knowledge and expertise has been highlighted in almost multiple publications and articles including being listed as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor.

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Dr. Tracy Pfeifer is respected authority in the field of breast augmentation surgery.

Implant Types

The latest generation of breast implants are superior in look, feel, and longevity, when compared to implants placed in the past. There are several types used by Dr. Pfeifer, including silicone, saline, gummy bear, and others.

What size & shape will look best on you?

Breast implants are now available in more sizes and shapes than ever, making it possible to create new breasts that look, bounce, and feel natural.

Whether used to restore breasts after a mastectomy, or to enhance the size and shape of breast tissue, find out more about the various implant types.

Breast Augmentation NYC

Breast Implant FAQ

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Which is better, saline or silicone impants?

While saline implants produce less scarring, as they are filled after placement, they have a slightly less natural feel. Despite this, each type has advantages your surgeon can discuss with you.

What are the newest types of breast implants?

Some of the latest versions of saline are superior to those used in the past, and for some women, the choice they prefer. Silicone implants are safe, and now are available in a wider range of sizes and shapes so that the new breasts look and feel natural and have an appealing bounce.

Are silicone implants safe?

Debate about the safety of silicone implants made the headlines for years. After extensive research and study, the FDA has approved several versions of silicone implants that are known to be safe and effective. However, all implants will require replacement, typically after about 10 years. These implants are some of the most extensively studied and researched medical devices. If you have concerns, we are here to help you come to the decision that is best for you.

Ethnic Breast Augmentation NYC

Our ethnic background determines, to some degree, the appearance of our breasts. Breast augmentation surgery should be performed by a plastic surgeon skilled in ethnic breast enhancement, and who takes pride in creating breasts for women of all ethnicities. The desire to enhance the look of breasts crosses all cultural lines, and women of all races and ethnic background seek the procedure, whether Hispanic, African-American, Asian, or Middle Eastern. And yet, the ability to create new breasts that match the ethnic physiology takes more than just surgical knowledge. Dr. Tracy Pfeifer is proud to offer ethnic breast augmentation surgeries to all women, and to focus on creating breasts that suit your unique physiology.

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Beyond Breast Dr. Pfeifer offers a host of beautifying procedures