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Labiaplasty NYC

Boosting quality of life while improving the function and form of the labia

A labiaplasty works to correct both aesthetic and structural components of the labia, refining its contours and reducing its size. When the labia is enlarged, women may experience discomfort during intimacy, while also finding it difficult or painful to wear tight fitting clothes or engage in sports. The distorted appearance of the labia may cause self-consciousness and shame, especially in the bedroom.

Dr. Tracy Pfeifer is among NYC’s most elite authorities on body sculpting for the female client. A double board certified surgeon, Dr. Pfeifer has achieved status as a leader in her field, contributing frequently to peer reviewed scientific journals and magazines, touring as a guest lecturer across the nation, and appearing on national television. She is passionate about providing beautiful, organic-looking results that are highly personalized and complementary to the individual.

Women with the following symptoms may be appropriate candidates for the procedure:

  • An enlarged, misshapen or visually unappealing labia as a result of changes in hormones, pregnancy or poor genes
  • Pain or discomfort during intercourse
  • Pain or discomfort during normal physical activities like riding a bike
  • A poor fit in tight clothing due to the labia’s size
  • Discoloration of the labial skin
  • Drooping vulvar lips due to reduction in collagen and elastin
  • Emotional distress, embarrassment or anxiety over the condition
  • Good physical and mental health with no major medical issues
  • Realistic expectations for improvement rather than perfection
  • A more youthful, revitalized vaginal appearance
  • Improved muscle tone, control and strength
  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • Expedited recovery
  • Short treatment time
  • Cost-effective
  • Labiaplasty is performed at our immaculate, convenient and private NYC outpatient center where you will receive access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology, a kind, helpful support staff, and stringent safety standards.
  • Surgery is performed under sedation and takes 1-2 hours on average.
  • For labia asymmetry, Dr. Pfeifer uses a “wedge” technique, removing a wedge-shaped tissue mass from the center of the vagina, then suturing the remaining sections together. The edges of the labia are kept intact during this approach, ensuring a natural-looking, attractive outcome.
  • For labias that suffer from discoloration, Dr. Pfeifer may employ the “trim” approach. This involves removing excess tissue from the labia’s edges, while reshaping the area for a more youthful and appealing aesthetic.
  • For more comprehensive results, Dr. Pfeifer may use additional techniques, including fat grafting or fat removal.

As an adjunct to a labiaplasty, Dr. Pfeifer can perform a reduction of the skin that obscures the clitoris. This does not affect the nerve impulses, sensations or sensitivity of the clitoris during sexual activity at all, but merely improves its appearance, while also relieving symptoms of irritation.

Thanks to Dr. Pfeifer’s conservative, sophisticated technique, most clients experience very limited discomfort or downtime after their procedure. The entire healing process should take about 10-14 days. While swelling, redness and tenderness are all to be expected, these side effects will slowly lessen as the days progress.

Smoking and alcoholic drinking are not recommended during your recuperation, as they may impede full healing. Dr. Pfeifer also recommends avoiding intercourse and swimming for about six weeks. The doctor will provide you with a more detailed aftercare plan upon your discharge, with instructions for bathing, sleeping, exercising and more.

Dr. Pfeifer will begin your consultation with a frank discussion about your goals and wishes for improvement. She will answer all your questions in depth, going over such important topics as:

  • Costs, financing and insurance
  • Risks and possible complications
  • Downtime and recovery
  • Your projected results

The doctor will perform a physical exam of your labia and vaginal region, and will record your medical history along with any previous cosmetic treatments you have undergone.

Next, Dr. Pfeifer will offer you access to our extensive library of before and after photography so that you can get a sense of what is possible with a strategic labiaplasty procedure.

Dr. Pfeifer performs a variety of cosmetic services for the entire body and face, and can create a customized package that suits your needs for comprehensive improvement of your appearance.

Childbirth can take an intense toll on the female figure, causing a wide range of distortions that contribute to a negative self-image and in turn cause depression and frustration. It can be extremely difficult to get the body back to its youthful, vibrant form, with diet and exercise doing little to effect meaningful change.

A mommy makeover is a combination procedure that works to revitalize the appearance from head to toe. It typically includes a tummy tuck; a breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction; liposuction; facial rejuvenation; and sometimes a labiaplasty. By combining treatments, you can often save valuable time and money, as well as reduce downtime and recovery.

If you are a mom and want to get back in shape, don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with Dr. Pfeifer. She will be more than happy to help create a customized plan of action that will help restore your quality of life, sense of attractiveness and well being.