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Excess Tummy Skin Treatment in New York

Skin can lose some of its flexibility as we age, and after childbirth or extreme weight loss, we can be left with excess tummy skin that droops and folds. Excess tummy skin is often best resolved with a “tummy tuck.” This procedure flattens the stomach and removes that unsightly saggy skin. If you are considering a surgical procedure to restore a more youthful contour to your abdomen, our clinic offers several possible alternatives. What’s right for you?

Surgery for Excess Tummy Skin

For some patients, there is no way to fully resolve excess tummy skin other than a surgical procedure to remove the superfluous skin, tightening it so that it is restored to a smooth, flat appearance. After pregnancy, and due genetic makeup, some women have skin that after stretching, does not have the capacity to return to its original state. Young mothers who are generally fit may be left with loose, drooping skin in the abdomen area after childbirth. Skin that appears crinkled and thin has been stretched beyond the natural ability to reabsorb skin cells, and the excess tummy skin must be removed surgically to restore a more youthful contour to the body.

If you worked and worked to lose weight, and were successful, it is a wonderful achievement – but you may be left dealing with unattractive, drooping excess tummy skin. This can limit your clothing choices and cause constant concern about hiding that droopy skin from view. Loss of fat, and in some cases muscle tissue, can leave a large gap between the tighter muscles and the skin covering the stomach. You may have tried various creams, vitamins, and workouts to restore your skin to a better appearance, but nothing has worked. A surgical removal of the excess skin is one option, and often the most effective.

Laser treatments can be effective on loose skin, but the results can vary. Some skin types and conditions will not respond to even the most modern laser, radiofrequency, or ultrasound treatments. It is wise to be wary of promises about results with any new treatment that comes on the market, so as not to be disappointed with little to no results. The best, most effective treatment may be a tummy tuck.

To be considered a candidate for this procedure, a full evaluation of your health is the first step. If you are physically healthy, have maintained a stable weight for sufficient time, are a non-smoker, understand the process, and have realistic expectations about the outcome, it is likely that this surgical procedure is your best option. Ready to find out? Connect with us and schedule an appointment at one of our out-patient surgery centers. We will evaluate your situation and advise you about what we can do to restore a more youthful appearance to your mid-section, whether a full tummy tuck or surgical excess tummy skin removal.