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Arm Lift Surgery NYC

Arm lift surgery is intended to reduce excess, hanging skin and tissue on a person’s upper arms. Significant weight loss or aging can leave one with a large amount of hanging skin on the upper arms, causing a major cosmetic problem and sometimes embarrassment. The arm lift (also known as arm reduction or brachioplasty) can eradicate redundant skin and provide sleeker, more toned upper arms.

The best candidates for an arm lift will exhibit excess skin and tissue on their upper arms with a limited amount of fat. The primary goal of an arm lift is to eradicate excess skin, so fat reduction efforts should precede surgery when necessary. Liposuction can be used to remove a limited amount of fatty tissue.

One major concern about arm lift surgery is the scars that result, which remain visible on the back or underside of the arm. When surgery is truly beneficial, the advantages of having slimmer arms outweigh disadvantages of visible scars.

The incisions for arm lift surgery may vary, but generally travel from the armpit region toward the elbow. A certain amount of fatty tissue is removed through liposuction, excess skin is lifted or removed, and sutures are used to close the incisions and maintain the new form.

Physical activity must be limited after surgery and the arms will need to be elevated for several days. An elastic compression garment is usually provided to help reduce swelling and ensure a smooth result.

Some changes in the sensation of the skin can occur, which are temporary in most cases. Bruising, swelling, and some discomfort should be expected as well. Dr. Pfeifer can prescribe medications to help manage postoperative discomfort.

The incisions will likely be raised and very noticeable during the initial stages of recovery. For up to one year, the scars will gradually fade and flatten out to become less noticeable.