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Real Patient Stories

I met Dr. Pfeifer at a seminar on breast reduction and augmentation. My friend and I were immediately taken by her very warm personality and confidence in her work, so I decided to make an appointment. The minute she walked in the room she remembered who I was and knew me by name. She proceeded to take almost 45 minutes to discuss ALL my options. In the weeks that passed prior to my surgery, I had some concerns about the breast implant size, the general anesthesia, and possible complications. All of my phone calls were returned promptly and Dr. Pfeifer would always say she would be around if I ever needed to talk.

- breast revision patient

I can only wish to reflect my gratefulness in all you have done for me in more ways than one. I felt a need to express my gratitude for your comfort and kind ways through this difficult time.

- patient who had abdominoplasty

What more can I say? Dr. Pfeifer and Maureen are quite a team! They both made me feel like I was part of their little work family. They made surgery that I dreaded an absolute breeze. Bravo! I liked the frequent contact with the office, and I know you have not forgotten me just because I am not in the office.

- breast reduction patient

I have encountered many doctors in my 26 years and Dr. Pfeifer is “the most” genuinely concerned, talented and gifted doctor I have met so far. Dr. Pfeifer should be commended for not only the wonderful work she did, but for her warm heart that goes along with the talent that she has.

I’m sure you know how important the work you do is to women. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that I had this surgery and that you did such a wonderful job.

- breast augmentation revision patient

Dear Dr. Pfeifer, Somehow saying “Thank you” just doesn’t seem quite enough after all that you have done for me. You have given me untold happiness and renewed self-esteem and I will be forever grateful to you for that. You have a unique talent, your work is flawless, and your kindness and caring endless.

- facelift patient

I chose Dr. Pfeifer because of the professional staff and approachable surgeon. A feeling of trust and confidence in the doctor and staff. Attention to detail and follow-up phone calls were excellent!

- abdominoplasty patient

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to go prom dress shopping with my girl and not have her stand there looking in the mirror in tears. She put on a fitted, little number and twirled in the mirror beaming. You are the best team ever.

- mother of teenager with breast asymmetry

I chose Dr. Pfeifer because she made me feel comfortable with every aspect of the surgery. I am very happy-200% satisfied!

- breast augmentation patient

Dear Dr. Pfeifer, A note of thanks for your endless time and support. I’m very pleased with how everything turned out.

- breast aug patient

Dear Dr. Pfeifer, Thank you for your caring, understanding, and perfectionism.

- breast aug patient

When I met with Dr. Pfeifer, I knew right away that she was the doctor I wanted to use for my surgery. My attorney had given me Dr. Pfeifer’s number and informed me that a client of his was very pleased with the surgery Dr. Pfeifer had done on her. Dr. Pfeifer gave me a lot of information as to what she could do for me and I felt very comfortable with her and her staff and that is why I’m happy she was my surgeon.

- breast augmentation revision patient who had a complication from her previous surgery with another surgeon