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  • The 4 Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends for 2018

    As far as cosmetic procedures go — 2017 was the unofficial Year of Plumped-Up Lips. While lip augmentation is still on the rise, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) predicts some non-lip-related procedures will be all the rage in 2018.

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  • Implant Placement Debate: Over vs. Under the Muscle

    Over a quarter million women will have a breast augmentation this year alone. When the time comes, one of the biggest decisions that they will need to make is whether to place their implant above or below the muscle.

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  • Fox News online about woman with 3rd breast

    As photos of a Florida woman who purportedly underwent plastic surgery to get a third breast go viral, questions about the medical implications and ethics behind the alleged procedure linger.

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  • Fox news comment about saline 24 hour aug

    A recent poll of plastic surgeons in the United States found a surge in demand for procedures from patients seeking to improve their image in the age of social media. Enter: the 24-hour InstaBreast.

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  • Fox news online about Kreppin

    Ask Dr. Manny: Meet two women who went under the knife hoping for perfection - but instead when they awoke they found their bodies were disfigured.

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  • French TV saline injections to assess size preference

    French TV saline injections to assess size preference.

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  • Carmela's Experience Undergoing A Breast Asymmetry Procedure

    Carmela lived with breast asymmetry (defined as a difference of form, position, or volume of the breast) for years. She wasn’t happy about it and wanted to correct it.

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  • The hidden downsides of big boobs

    Every morning, Laura Freed feels conflicted when she looks in the mirror. On one hand, she likes what she sees: a petite frame with perky, DD breasts that look great in a tank top.

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