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How To Get Natural Results From A Breast Augmentation

Today, modern women want natural results from a breast augmentation. These mommies, professional women and students seek to restore their breast volume or enhance their breast size but are scared off by fear of an unnatural, obvious result. They see celebrities and people at the beach who look totally unnatural and sometimes assume this is an inevitable result after breast implant surgery. Women want to look pretty and proportional, not obvious or tacky. The good news is that this is possible.

A plastic surgeon using state of the art breast augmentation techniques will measure your breast during your consultation. The width and height of the breast are then used to select an implant that is the correct dimension for your breast. Customized implant selection and using an implant that the right width for your breast creates a natural result. An unnatural result occurs if an implant is used that is wider and/or taller than the width and height of the patient’s own breast. A properly sized implant “fits” the breast. Within a given width, different volumes are possible. When it comes to volume, this is a question of proportion. We want to balance the breast and hips to create a proportional figure. A figure that is proportional looks natural.

To see how this works, try on breast implant sizers in front of a full size mirror in your plastic surgeon’s office. The proper sized implant has a width fits your breast width and a volume that matches your frame and hips. The biggest advancement recently that helps plastic surgeons create a natural result is the FDA approval of shaped implants. These tear drop shaped implants have a shape that is similar to a natural breast. Because of their configuration these implants produce a natural contour and avoid excessive upper pole fullness/bulging. Unnatural results breast augmentation should be a thing of the past. Beautiful breast augmentation results which look great and not obvious are here and now.

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