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Breast Implant Sizes: How To Choose What’s Best For You

Patients should understand breast implant sizing before committing to surgery. And yet there is a lot of confusion about how this is done. Sometimes they have had a consultation with a plastic surgeon who told them not to worry; the surgeon will pick the right implant size. Others compare themselves to their friends; my girlfriend has 400cc, I want that size. Others say, “I want to look bigger but natural, is that possible? ” Patients are not sure how the breast implant size is chosen. Part of my role as their plastic surgeon is to help educate women about proper implant sizing and also types of implants (such as gummy bear, saline, and silicone). For example, a 400cc implant on a larger framed woman could look extremely obvious and out of proportion on a petite, small frame person.

Understanding Breast Implant Sizes

In my practice the goal is to achieve the prettiest result possible for each individual patient. This is done through a combination of approaches:

  • First, we have the “technical” aspect. The patient is examined and several measurement of the breast are taken- importantly the width and height of the breast. In the ideal situation the implant width does not exceed the width of the patient’s breast.
  • Once the width is known, implants of that width, in different volumes, are “tried on” in a bra, in front of a full length mirror. This gives perspective as to how the width and volume matches the hips and the overall proportion and balance.
  • Finally, 3D imaging is used to simulate how the patient’s breast itself will look with the implant in place.

The bottom line is that the patient’s measurements determine the optimal implant for her. Armed with this understanding, women can participate in the implant selection.

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