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Cosmetic Solutions For The Body Complaints Men Have

Cosmetic Solutions For Men’s Body ProblemsAlthough women are more vocal about it than men, guys have their own set of bodily insecurities.

This is why there has been an increase in guys seeking out the services of a plastic surgeon over the years. Especially for men who are entering middle age, when physical woes are more readily apparent.

Man Boobs And Beer Bellies

According to a report by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), 40 to 60 percent of men suffer from the dreaded man boob. Which may account for why male breast reduction was one of the top procedures for men in 2011.

This condition is from the development of fat around mens’ chests as they age. Typically because, as men age, it is more difficult to maintain a chiseled appearance, even if they stay diligent with their diet and exercise regiment.

A beer belly can be caused by intaking too many calories from alcohol, but genetics may be responsible despite alcohol consumption.

Men looking for a solution for one or both of these issues may want to consider liposuction to remove the excess fat from troublesome areas. Liposuction was the most popular procedure with men in 2011, but may be combined with surgical procedures, like a tummy tuck, for the best results for one or both of these problems.

Aging Faces

Especially for middle-aged men, the lines and wrinkles on the face may be of some concern. One solution for this is to undergo a facelift procedure, but for a non-surgical treatment option Botox should be considered. Botox may require multiple injections, and although it is not a permanent solution, it is a non-invasive treatment.

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