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Allergan Issues Statement About Breast Implant Quality and Safety

The breast implant manufacturer, Allergan, has released a statement distancing itself from the Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) breast implant controversy happening in France.

As maker of popular breast implant products such as NATRELLE, McGhan and CUI, the company is in no way affiliated with PIP and seeks to reassure patients and surgeons that Allergan products are of the highest quality and safety.

Allergan breast implants have been on the market for almost 50 years. The products are available in over 60 countries and are subjected to rigorous national and international quality control standards and practices.

Among the many products manufactured by Allergan every year, silicone gel-filled breast implants are by far the most favored among both patients and surgeons. The gel-filled implants have been placed in more than 1 million women worldwide.

As a result of hundreds of thousands of clinical trials, peer-reviewed journals and published reports, silicone gel-filled breast implants have become one the most studied devices in the world. Allergan’s gel-filled implants specifically, have set themselves apart from various competitors due to their more cohesive silicone gel and their stronger outer shells.

A recent report published by the U.S. FDA has again confirmed the safety and effectiveness of silicone breast implants when used as intended, however, it is important for patients to recognize that breast implants are not made for lifelong use.

Patients at some point in their lives may require a removal and replacement. Breast implants should be monitored regularly by a plastic surgeon.

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