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Ask Dr. Pfeifer: What Breast Implant Size for C or D Cup?

A patient on asks:

“I’m scheduled to have breast augmentation [and] hoping for a C+ to a D. I’m 5ft. 120 pounds 34AA going with saline implants – below the muscle. What would 450cc [implant size] give me?”

Dr. Pfeifer answers:

I am always nervous when I read posts from patients who are scheduled to have surgery and are asking RealSelf doctors if the right size implant is being used. You should know the answer to this question before you schedule surgery and since you are already scheduled and still have questions, I wonder if you and your surgeon have good communication and/or if there is a barrier to communication. Before having surgery, you should know what to expect in terms of a result. It is the plastic surgeon’s responsibility to educate you about this.

  1. It is almost impossible to predict what cup size you will be. Generally speaking, you need 100-150cc per cup size change.
  2. Given your height and size, personally I think a D cup is out of proportion for you.
  3. If the surgeon has you try on sizes in the office that fit the width of your breast, you will be able to select a size that fits your goals and will fit the width of your breast.
  4. Large saline implants are going to stretch your tissues a lot and could create future problems.
  5. If your plastic surgeon’s office does not function in a way that allows you to know the answers to your questions, I would find another plastic surgeon. I hope you have discussed all these issues with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery. Good luck and ask a lot of questions PRE-OP!
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