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Dr. Pfeifer Comments on NY Times “Beauty House Calls in the Wee Hours”

A recent New York Times article explores the expanding work hours of NYC plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other professionals who offer aesthetic treatments.

Columnist Kayleen Schaefer writes, “In most major cities, if you want pad Thai or a sweater dry-cleaned when most people are sleeping, there’s someone who will take care of it (for a price). These days, the same is true of beauty treatments.”

At both the Manhattan and Long Island offices, Dr. Pfeifer strives to accommodate her busy patients. “Our patients are busy professionals in demanding occupations,” says Dr. Pfeifer, adding that many are young moms who are “extremely busy.”

She explains: “I have found that by having evening hours one day a week, we can meet the needs of our patients. We also have early morning hours one day a week, starting as early as 6:30 am. Our busy NYC patients come to see me before heading off to work. On days with late or early hours, we adjust the total time spent in the office by ending earlier or starting later. “

Of course, a balance must be struck for patients, the doctor and the staff. “I am very careful to respect my staff’s free time,” says Dr. Pfeifer; “we all need time to decompress and this way everyone is happy.”

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