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U.S. Anticipates Release of New Injectable Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxers

Juvederm VolumaWithin the next year, a number of new injectable fillers and wrinkle-relaxing toxin competitors already being used in Europe are anticipated to become available in the U.S.

This is good news for doctors and patients in the U.S. because not only does the introduction of new injectable fillers and toxins on the market mean more options, improved product technology and better results, it also typically means more competition and lower prices.

Some next generation hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable fillers that are rumored to be contenders for the U.S. marketplace include:

  • Belotero (Merz) – Hyaluronic acid filler available in soft, basic and intense formulas
  • SubQ & Voluma (Medicis & Allergan) – Thicker, heavier HA fillers for contouring larger areas
  • Restylane Vital & Juvederm Hydrate (Medicis & Allergan) – Thinner, lighter HA fillers for areas that have been historically difficult to correct
  • Derma Veil (Medinter) – A pure collagen stimulator similar to Sculptra Aesthetic
  • Novabel (Merz) – Filler formulation derived from brown sea algae

More plumping, less lumping

Belotero, an HA filler similar to Juvederm that is less likely to cause post-injection lumps and bumps, has already been filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and may be available later this year.

SubQ and Voluma are large volume injectables used for facial contouring, such as chin augmentation and cheek augmentation, throughout Europe. Derma Veil is also used for cheek augmentation and restoring facial volume by increasing collagen production.

Unlike the other fillers used for adding volume to large facial areas, SubQ is also reportedly used by some for breast augmentation and buttock augmentation.

Innovative fillers for hard-to-treat areas

The lighter HA fillers being introduced by Medicis and Allergan, Restylane Vital and Juvederm Hydrate, are ideally suited to treat areas that have been historically difficult to correct with fillers, such as the back of hands, décolleté and neck.

These fillers also purport to increase skin hydration and elasticity to offer wrinkle prevention effects, and Restylane Vital even boasts a specialized automatic injection pen that regulates product injection volume and speed for more precise results.

While Restylane Vital may offer the most advanced injection technology, Novabel certainly offers the most unique composition and formulation of the new injectable fillers.

Unique formula for thin skin

Novabel’s biocompatible alginate composition is said to make injection easier and reduce swelling, while the patented Geleon technology used in its formulation reportedly improves skin elasticity. These factors make Novabel ideal for adding volume to facial areas with thin skin, such as the eyelids and tear troughs.

Better than Botox?

In addition to the European injectable filler products being considered for U.S. crossover, two new botulinum toxin type A products that may offer an advantage over Botox and Dysport are poised for introduction to the U.S. marketplace as well.

Theoretically, Xeomin, made by Merz, and PurTox, made by Mentor, would offer the same wrinkle-relaxing properties as Botox and Dysport, but with decreased chance of allergic reaction and development of blocking antibodies in patients. Xeomin and PurTox may also work faster and last longer than Botox and Dysport, however these theoretical benefits have not yet been proven.

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