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Lip Enhancement Procedure Uses Natural Implant

Tissue grafts from a specific neck muscle and its adjacent tissues can be used for lipslip enhancement, according to a study published in the March/April issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

The tissue serves as an implant to increase lip projection and fullness. 25 participants in the study saw an average increase of 0.9 – 0.99 mm of lip projection, and results were long lasting.

In recent years, several different methods have been utilized in lip augmentation procedures. Although fat grafting, collagen injections and surgisil implants have all been used, the current gold standard is hyaluronic acid. Soft tissue fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are often injected to add volume and enhance the shape of the upper lip, lower lip and Cupid’s bow, while also addressing wrinkles around the mouth.

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