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Never Tried Wrinkle Fillers? Prevelle Silk May Be a Good Start

Dr. Pfeifer is offering Prevelle Silk at her New York offices, one of the latest wrinkle fillers designed to correct facial lines and folds. Plastic surgeons say they are using Prevelle as a sort of “introductory wrinkle filler” – here’s why:

Short term results

Prevelle Silk is made with hyaluronic acid, like the well known fillers Juvederm and Restylane. Prevelle however, has a slightly lower concentration of HA, meaning the results of Prevelle Silk will usually wear off in less time.

While that may sound like a drawback to some, for others it is not. A filler with short-term results is actually a great way to “test drive” this type of treatment. Dr. Chris Hess, a plastic surgeon practicing near Washington DC, says his patients have seen results lasting about 2 months. If you like the results you get after treatment, you can always return for treatment with a longer-lasting wrinkle filler.

Lidocaine within the filler

For added comfort, Prevelle is manufactured with the anesthetic lidocaine. The significance of this addition can often be exaggerated in the marketing for these fillers, but when combined with traditional pain management techniques, it may enhance the comfort level of your injection.

According to the Prevelle website, clinical trials demonstrated a significant improvement over the filler Captique:

In the clinical study, 69% (29) of the 42 patients who responded to the questionnaire preferred treatment with PREVELLE Silk over Captique. Of these 29 patients, 97% (28) preferred PREVELLE Silk because it was less painful.

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