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Enhanced Comfort With Prevelle Silk and Now, Juvederm XC

Juvederm XC has FDA clearance now as the latest filler in an expected wave of hyaluronic acid products containing lidocaine, an anesthetic that improves patient comfort. FDA Approval was based on clinical trials demonstrating “90 percent less treatment pain compared to non-lidocaine Juvederm.” (via

Traditional pain control methods have been effective, but apparently left room for improvement. “Before the introduction of Juvederm XC, it often took up to 30 minutes for an anesthetic block to take effect.” said clinical investigator Charles Boyd, MD.

How fast the anesthetic takes effect is crucial and in the past, this remained a problem even with fillers that contain lidocaine. When the first lidocaine filler, Prevelle Silk, was introduced in 2008, people were skeptical. “The issue with a hyaluronic acid filler with lidocaine is that it doesn’t work until you actually start injecting patients, and these injections are so quick, by the time the lidocaine takes effect, you’re almost finished” said Dr. Joe Niamtu to Cosmetic Surgery Times.

If the numbing effects of Juvederm XC do act quickly as they say, the new formula may actually be a significant improvement.

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