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Researchers Look for the Best Nasal Implant Substance

A recent article in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery examined the use of rib Detail image of eyes of a beautiful blond girlcartilage for nasal surgery (rhinoplasty), in what the authors described as an ongoing effort to find the ideal nasal implant.

The authors, surgeons from the University of Texas, described the ideal substance as follows:

  • Readily available in large quantities
  • Resists infection
  • Resists absorption
  • Completely integrated into host tissues
  • Causes little patient morbidity

Based on this research, one promising substance appears to be rib cartilage taken from human donors. Analysis of long-term rhinoplasty results revealed that patients who used these grafts experienced a low complication rate and over 94 percent of the 357 patients said they were satisfied with the results.

Other options for nose surgery include cartilage from the septum (between the nostrils) or the ear. Many plastic surgeons have also been using wrinkle fillers like Radiesse for a “non-surgical rhinoplasty.”

Read more about this study at or access the article through Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

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