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Look Hot When It’s Cold: How to Winterize Your Skin

It’s harsh out there in New York City. The air is cold and dry, but the sun is skincare_resolutionsstill shining almost every day. All of these elements combined can make your skin dull, tight and rough in a very short time.

But there’s no reason to worry if you know how to winterize your skin with a good routine and the right products.


Find antioxidant moisturizers that contain water-binding and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as these:

  • amino acids and fatty acids
  • ceramides
  • sodium PCA
  • glycerin

Keep your lips soft and smooth with quality lip balm. Look for key ingredients such as hemp oil, shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax and don’t forget the SPF 15.

Take Extra Care

1. Remember the sun protection factor.
2. When the skin feels tight, apply moisturizer.
3. To allow better penetration of moisturizer, exfoliate scaly areas with glycolic or salicylic acid.
4. Get a humidifier in your home.
5. Stay hydrated!

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