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Study Before You Buy: How To Research Plastic Surgery

Before you decide how to finance your plastic surgery, it’s wise to get the facts about the procedure Woman browsing nyc beauty buzz on facebookrisks, benefits, long-term costs, alternatives, and so on.

Doing this independent research will help in 2 ways during your decision making process:

  • You will know which procedures get consistent results and which do not.
  • You will be able to analyze the risks and benefits in light of your personal values and goals, to see if plastic surgery is truly a good fit for you.

Where do I get answers?

Too often, people are looking in the wrong places for legitimate answers to their plastic surgery questions. You want objective, scientific information; here are a few tips on where you might find it.

Be academic for a few hours: Visit the public library or the library at your college or university. Academic resources and peer-reviewed medical journals are superior to most free resources on the web. The only real drawback is that many of the articles and books are written for doctors or medical students – meaning they’re sometimes tough (and boring) to read.

Websites that work: It’s a jungle out there I know, but there are a few sites that publish tons of useful, honest information about plastic and cosmetic surgery. is a good start, where you can see consumer reviews and get answers from plastic surgeons all over the country. is another popular resource. You may realize the downside to this approach when you find a great deal of conflicting information, making the decision even more difficult.

Ask a board-certified plastic surgeon: While you should visit at least a few before making a choice, know that board-certified plastic surgeons will generally have your best interests in mind. They don’t want you to have a bad experience; they want to get you the best results possible and avoid complications. If you’re not a good candidate for the procedure, a good surgeon will tell you honestly.

The Challenge: A plastic surgeon can’t make the decision for you. You may be deemed a suitable candidate, but the choice ultimately depends on your personal goals and values.

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