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Is there a way to get scarless breast reduction?

Hello Dr. Pfeifer,
I recently heard about a surgery called scarless breast reduction. Is this a procedure you commonly perform? How is it done?

Hi B.K.,

I know it can be confusing with all the information out there. Let me clarify the 3 basic goals of breast reduction for you:

1. Remove excess breast tissue in order to reduce the breast weight.
2. Reshape and lift the remaining breast tissue.
3. Elevate the nipple so it is positioned attractively on the breast.

The surgery you are probably referring to is breast reduction done by liposuction alone, which may be able to address goal number 1, but it would neglect the other two. The breast shape and nipple position are (usually) not aesthetically pleasing after a so-called “scarless breast reduction.” For this reason, many plastic surgeons do not favor liposuction alone as a method of breast reduction.

There are very few cases where the nipple does not have to be elevated and in fact, I have never had one. In order to elevate the nipple and reshape the breast, there must be scars. There is always a peri-areolar and vertical scar, and usually a short scar in the crease (in some cases this scar has to be fairly long).

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