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Breast Implants or Breast Lift: What is the best choice?

NYCHi Dr Pfeifer,
I’m unhappy with the degree of breast sagging and firmness in my size 36D breasts. Do you think I could get relatively small breast implants instead of a breast lift to correct these problems?


I do not usually recommend breast implants to correct breast sagging, especially in cases like yours (as you describe it). If you’re satisfied with your breast size, but unhappy with the sagging, you have to address the problem directly. This means a breast lift is probably necessary.

A minimal degree of sagging can be improved with implants, but beyond that there are problems.

  1. When sagging is a problem, it is usually too great to correct with implants – most patients need a breast lift.
  2. To produce any amount of “lift” a very large implant is usually needed, which most patients do not desire.
  3. Implants alone can sometimes increase the degree of sagging and make the problem worse.

Many patients share your concern but you should know that it is possible to achieve a scar that is acceptable.

Over the years I have had patients who consulted with me about sagging and did not want the breast lift surgery I recommended. They went to other plastic surgeons and received breast implants instead – but returned to my office later to have revision surgery. In such cases, the breast implants are often removed or reduced to a smaller size. I think you’ll agree that it is far more satisfying to do the proper procedure the first time around.

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