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Aethetic Plastic Surgery


The characteristics of a person’s face obviously play a vital role in regular social interaction and the formation of self-concept. When your external facial characteristics do not properly reflect your inner vitality, it is natural to desire an aesthetic improvement.

The unfortunate reality of aging is that prominent wrinkles, folds, pouches, and sagging skin appear first on the body part we present first – the face. The signs of aging increase so gradually that many people don’t even realize the changes that have taken place. Natural forces, genetics, and one’s lifestyle can all contribute to this process.

How Facial Plastic Surgery Works

Facial plastic surgery is a highly advanced art. There are specialized surgical procedures that can rejuvenate almost any area of the face, with natural looking results. Surgeons typically divide the anatomical regions of the face into thirds and focus their procedures accordingly.

The upper third of the face is addressed by the brow lift, endoscopic brow lift, or forehead lift. The cheeks, jowls, and neck have long been addressed with facelift surgery. The neck, when signs of aging are isolated to that area, can be addressed with a neck lift

Lifting and tightening the tissue is a major focus of facial plastic surgery. However, sometimes tissue in the face has atrophied and needs a restoration of volume in order to look healthier and younger. In such cases, cheek augmentation with facial implants or injectable dermal fillers can be effective.

The Limits of Facial Plastic Surgery

Althugh facial plastic surgery procedures can often make a dramatic improvement to your appearance, it is crucial to examine your expectations for surgery, as well as your personal motivating factors.

At our New York practice, the general goal of facial plastic surgery is a cosmetic improvement – not a complete correction. After a facelift, the aging process continues just as before and the tissues continue to degenerate. The results should last a long time, but they won’t last forever. These are facts you should consider before surgery.

Last but not least, cosmetic surgery should be done for the right reasons. These reasons can vary, but surgery should never be performed to solve a social crisis or make someone else (other than the patient) happy. It should be done to help reach your personal cosmetic goals.

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