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How a Bra Should Fit

Sometimes it doesn’t take surgery to feel better about your breasts. Sometimes all it takes is the right-fitting bra. Understanding how a bra should fit is something every woman should learn—and something that I highlight here.

Capsular Contracture in Breast Augmentation

Capsular contracture is one of the most common problems that occur as a result of breast augmentation surgery—cosmetic or reconstructive. Prevention of capsular contracture is my first priority. As a plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation I use all the known available methods to reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

3D Mammogram-The New Standard of Care

New Type of Mammogram Offers Benefits At Pfeifer Aesthetic Surgery many of our patients need mammograms for routine screening and/or prior to their cosmetic breast surgery. I am very pleased to tell you about mammogram technology that is even better than traditional mammogram. The new mammogram is called 3D Mammogram. Whether you are having a your annual screening mammogram or need a mammogram prior to breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift or revision of previous cosmetic surgery , please read on to learn more about this potentially life-saving technology. The Benefit of 3D Mammogram So why should you ask for a 3D mammogram? Because there are benefits to us as patients.  The 3D mammogram can increase cancer detection rates by 41%. Early detection and treatment of breast cancer increases the chance of survival.   3D mammogram also reduces the incidence of false positive readings. In addition, with 2D mammograms normal breast tissue may appear abnormal and sometimes the patient needs to come back for additional imaging to evaluate this area. With 3D imaging the breast tissue can be visualized more clearly.  Fewer return visits for additional imaging means less stress and hassle for you.  Fewer false positive readings means less patient biopsies. 3D Mammogram Benefits **Earlier detection of small breast cancers compared to traditional 2D mammogram **Greater accuracy in pinpointing size, shape and location of abnormality **Fewer unnecessary biopsies **Fewer additional tests Paying for 3D Mammogram In some cases insurance companies will not cover the cost of 3D imaging, so be sure to check with your insurance carrier. If you are paying out of pocket, some imaging centers on...

Why Are Illegal Butt Augmentations On The Rise?

The story of a 34-year-old woman who recently died after getting injections to enlarge her butt is alarming on many levels. Reportedly, Kelly Mayhew travelled with her mother all the way from Maryland to Far Rockaway, Queens to get a butt augmentation procedure. She wound up getting injected with something that isn’t legal by an injector who is not a doctor in a basement apartment—and Mayhew paid for it with her life. This is a very scary story—and not the only one of its kind in the United States. There’s also Natalie Johnson, an exotic dancer in Miami who was proposed a discounted butt augmentation by an “official” looking man, only to be left bruised, disfigured and indefinitely damaged as a result. She can’t even sit down for long periods of time. While we’ve been hearing a lot about botched butt jobs from Brazil and other parts of South America, the birthplace of butt enhancements, the alarming rise of illegal butt augmentations stateside is scary. These days, we hear stories of emergency doctors pulling all sorts of things out of botched butt jobs—crazy glue, cement, olive oil, tire sealant and even super glue. BBC News has reported that The Federal Bureau of Investigations says the number of cases of people posing as fake doctors to perform butt augmentation procedures is on the rise, especially in Florida, New York, California and Texas. In the last two years, butt augmentations have been some of the fastest-growing aesthetic procedures, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Obviously, we know where the inspiration is coming from. 2014 was officially named “The Year Of The Booty”...